Author: Kristina Demou

Retaining students is more than a financial question—it’s an ethical one. Retaining our first-year students means we make good on the promise of admission: that not only will we invite you to join our institution, we’ll provide support to ensure you can be successful. Faculty’s communication and relationships with students are key in getting students to stay and succeed in college.

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Data supports that a number of students who transition from high school to college struggle in STEM fields. Paired with the financial cost of repeated courses, the emotional cost to struggling students, their families, and the faculty cognizant of these struggles tarnishes a student’s positive experiences pertaining to higher education. Universities should take an approach to meet students where they are at when they are accepted.

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Technology has played an increasingly important role in student success as student information technology, learning management systems, and other student success resources have evolved in the digital space. The pandemic increased higher education’s reliance on digital platforms for students to be able to access and engage with their campus support resources and educational opportunities.

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