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As colleges and universities prepare for Spring semester, they must plan to continue employing the measures they diligently implemented in the Fall (e.g., enforcing masks, frequent testing, manual contact tracing) and work to strengthen their COVID-19 containment strategy in any way possible. Exposure notification apps – mobile apps that notify users of their exposure to other users who have tested positive for COVID-19 – can prove a valuable addition to any institution’s COVID-19 containment strategy.

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With vaccines in distribution in 2021, however, leaders can now revisit transformed international partnership opportunities to expand their research portfolio and grow globally. Here are three early impacts COVID-19 has had on research partnerships—and what universities can do now to be among the first to take advantage of new arrangements.

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While interest in M&A has spiked, many leaders remain uncertain about how it might fit into their institutional strategy. Part of this stems from stakeholder misconceptions of M&A in higher ed: Board members, for example, may have experience with M&A in other industries but fail to recognize regulatory and cultural factors that make it difficult to apply corporate best practices in a higher education context. Meanwhile, other institutional stakeholders may misinterpret media narratives around M&As in higher ed, leading to overstated expectations around the ease, likelihood, or impact of a potential transaction

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