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When we talked with Vice Presidents for Enrollment Management about rural student recruitment and support, we heard a similar refrain: “I don’t even know where to start. How can I find success in rural recruitment efforts—without spending a ton of money?” Through our research, we identified two ways schools can start or improve their rural […]

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Colleges and universities across the country have both mission- and business-based reasons to push for an increasingly diverse student body—and one group of interest is rural students. However, universities and colleges encounter challenges when trying to make inroads in rural communities and connect with prospective students. In particular, colleges and universities face challenges regarding staff […]

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Process improvement is a proven method of redesigning and transforming sub-optimal workflows. Veterans of process reengineering attest to the value of beginning the journey by tackling universally frustrating processes that can be quickly fixed. Securing these early wins helps to generate buy-in and whet the appetite among stakeholders for even more improvements. As interest and […]

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While campus growth is an important priority for many higher education institutions, each new building comes with substantial upfront and recurring costs. Unfortunately, campus leaders often focus on first costs (e.g., design and construction) without considering how to appropriately fund recurring costs (e.g., maintenance and renewal) across a building’s lifecycle. While some institutions obtain incremental […]

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