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Renewal needs are often hidden behind walls, on roofs, or underground, making it difficult for campus leaders outside Facilities to understand the urgency to address deferred maintenance. The University of Maryland, College Park (UMD) developed an effective two-pronged communication strategy to illustrate capital renewal needs to the campus community. Ultimately, UMD was able to secure $10 million in annual deferred maintenance funding for 12 years and $100 million to replace an old science building.

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When facilities leaders are facing a backlog of deferred maintenance, how can they decide which buildings to update now—and which ones to wait on? Building condition is typically the most accessible information. However, renewal needs do not always align with institutional strategic priorities WIU uses a ranking system specifically focused on simplifying building renovation decisions across campus, includes ten metrics such as utilization, staff and student needs, and maintenance needs.

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In 2009, Bowling Green State University faced a changing student population and an aging campus. Senior facilities leaders knew they needed a new campus master plan that not only took buildings offline, but also maximized existing space. Learn about the three key questions BGSU used to guide decisions of where to renovate, demolish, and decommission.

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