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When constructing program maps and meta-majors, one of the key challenges that administrators face at every stage is creating consensus amongst decision-makers. To balance transparency and efficiency, mapping committees at St. Petersburg College use sticky notes to physically map out potential sequences. On average, it takes committees just two hours to map out a single program, and the staff at St. Petersburg was able to create 64 different program maps in the span of a single summer.

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BROWSE RESOURCES About the Webconference In 2017, guided pathways moved from a somewhat vague and debated theory to a full-blown movement in higher education. While there may be variation in the way each college has interpreted their individual need for pathways reform, most have a clear strategy that they have started to execute on. This […]

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About the Webconference The traditional student advising appointment—a once-per-semester session where advisors sit down with a student ahead of their course registration—is a thing of the past. Today’s tech-savvy students require greater access to information and data that will inform their course selections. Without this, they risk taking the wrong courses or too few credits […]

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