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As university leaders strive to build organisations with greater technological dexterity, many have taken the critical first step of creating a digital strategy. A digital strategy should be a dynamic document, evolving over time and prompting the adoption of new tools and ways of working in responding to student and staff needs. Of course, that’s often easier said than done.
To ensure your entire campus community is involved in and guided by your digital strategy, you must build a common framework for understanding digital tools and concepts—also known as digital literacy.

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Amid a global pandemic and recession, students face unprecedented challenges securing jobs and internships. According to a Handshake student survey conducted in March, 73% of college seniors are still searching for full-time jobs, and 23% of students with a secured internship had the offer rescinded. Here are three urgent action items for supporting your graduating students’ career needs right now:

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Today’s graduates face the bittersweet reality of earning a degree only to enter the workforce at a moment of unprecedented uncertainty. We are only beginning to grasp how the global pandemic will reshape life, work, and learning, yet the economic ripple effects can already be felt.

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While there’s much we don’t know, early economic signals and expected audience behaviors can help us anticipate who’s most in need of your adult and professional education offerings in the COVID-19 aftermath. Thinking about impacts by audience segment can identify which programs offer the greatest value, and what you might need to do to maximize that value for potential students.

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n August of 2019, we launched our new website, which was designed to more effectively connect the people, information, and experiences that make EAB so unique. During this time when connection is so important and access to information has never been more critical, we want to ensure site users can get the most out of their eab.com experience. Keep reading for a step-by-step guide to get started, as well as additional information about what’s on the horizon.

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