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The University Research Forum just completed a series of virtual roundtables focused on the research impact of COVID-19. From these conversations with our partners, we gained a sense of the “top-of-mind” issues for Vice Presidents of Research (VPRs) as they navigate the complexities of research amidst the coronavirus disruption.

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If you’ve struggled to keep up with what’s happening in Washington, you’re not alone. It didn’t seem possible for the pace of information coming from Congress, the White House, and the agencies to increase, but that’s exactly what has happened. This brief provides a snapshot of what’s going on and—perhaps more importantly—what you and your team can do now regardless of what happens in D.C.

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With the budgets of the largest federal funders (HHS, NSF, etc.) remaining stagnant or decreasing, faculty researchers need more guidance than ever on how to develop relationships with new funders, complete unfamiliar proposal processes, and align research with new funder goals.To support faculty in overcoming funding challenges, colleges and universities should help faculty pursue funding from mission-driven federal agencies and develop faculty-industry partnerships.

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It’s easier for chief research officers and their staff to explain the value of university research if they have compelling content on hand to share via social media and the website. Recognizing this, Louisiana State University (LSU) has developed a library of one-page fact sheets that explain LSU’s research in metrics anyone in the community can relate to—like the size of football fields.

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