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Facing an economic downturn and fierce competition for undergraduate enrollments, colleges and universities are looking for a silver lining: countercyclical enrollments. This tendency for enrollments to increase as the economy declines is well documented. But leadership at four-year institutions shouldn’t get their hopes up. Not every institution benefits equally from these additional students. The Great Recession had a far smaller impact on baccalaureate and graduate enrollments than it did on community colleges and vocational programs.

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Eighteen months. Forty-seven committee meetings. Three and a half years. When we ask partners how long it takes to create a strategic plan on campus, the responses typically converge on a single theme: too long. And yet chances are, it took a mere matter of weeks for the COVID-19 pandemic to throw a major wrench in these carefully laid plans. And with uncertainty only growing around the future of the sector, the relevance of our pre-COVID plans is fast fading. However, we can’t afford to wait another year before finalizing and implementing bold strategic moves. In fact, revisiting and revising institutional strategy now is perhaps the most important step in ensuring long-term sustainability for our institutions.

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With the fall semester quickly approaching, many institutions are weighing how to facilitate safe, modified in-person campus operations. Residence halls—a cornerstone of socialization for most students—pose some of the greatest challenges for resuming campus life. If your leadership team is considering bringing residential students back to campus, here are four considerations to think about now. ­

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