Credentials for an Unpredictable Market On-Demand Webconference

Credentials for an Unpredictable Market On-Demand Webconference

About the Webconference

Program-focused marketing messages are no longer sufficient to attract prospective students to professional, adult, and online education programs. Consumers today are highly skeptical of marketing messages, filtering out solicitations and content not immediately relevant or engaging. This calls into question the primary lead generation strategy deployed by most PAE units and requires a new approach to attract and maintain prospect attention.

Today’s career changer represents a natural fit for COE’s market-driven program portfolio. As many as three quarters of professionals in their 30s seek a career change; however, given concerns about debt and the inherent risk of changing paths, most require tangible evidence of a program’s value before deciding to inquire or enroll. If COE marketers can provide such evidence, then today’s passive career seeker represents the field’s next major growth market.

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This resource is part of the Design Credentials to Meet Adult Student Needs Roadmap. Access the Roadmap for stepwise guidance with additional tools and research.

With adult student needs changing and the value of a degree in question, PAE leaders feel the pressure to innovate and make up for traditional enrollment losses. Institutional leaders, the media, and external stakeholders believe that alternative credentials and short-format offerings could help solve this problem.

Join us for this webconference as we discuss alternative and short-format credentials, separating hype from reality. We’ll address sizing and growth potential for commonly targeted adult student markets as well as provide a segmented analysis of working professional audiences.

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