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Higher Ed Podcast | Office Hours with EAB

A weekly podcast where higher education leaders, experts, and trailblazers share ideas and insights with fellow leaders.

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How to Make 2024 Your Best Fundraising Year Ever

Experts offer tips to boost your fundraising efforts.

How to Manage Student Success Data

Experts discuss the technology and processes used by forward-thinking institutions to define, track, and report on metrics that…

How to Reach “Gen P” Students

Experts explore data showing how pandemic disruptions continue to impact community college enrollment and student needs.

How to Expand Your Recruitment List Sources

Experts discuss a new online resource that enables colleges to connect with more prospective applicants.

Why Students Are Opting Out of College

Experts discuss surprising new data that show what’s actually driving an increasing number of high school graduates to…

Challenges Surround FAFSA Soft-Launch

Experts recap the new FAFSA's rocky “soft launch” and offer advice to admissions and financial aid teams on…

The Five Most Promising Uses for AI within Academia

Experts review the five most promising applications of artificial intelligence for the benefit of higher education.

How Admissions Offices Actually Work

Experts explain how admissions teams evaluate the thousands of applications that typically arrive at this time of year.

How Addressing Equity Gaps Helped Carthage Boost Overall Student Retention

Carthage College President John Swallow discusses the extraordinary progress his institution has made in boosting retention rates for…
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