Life at EAB

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Our Values

We define our success by the success of our partners, working persistently towards shared goals and celebrating shared victories.

We treat our partners, colleagues and communities with an ethos of service that defies expectation. We bring a spirit of kindness to every interaction, always assuming positive intent and acting with empathy.

We work tirelessly to discover new insights, innovative practices, and powerful solutions. Beyond discovery, we help schools apply insights to accelerate progress and compel positive change.

We are not afraid of big goals, nor of the risks, challenges and failures required to achieve them. We celebrate the people and efforts where extraordinary commitment yields extraordinary results.

We are doers and problem-solvers who take action and operate with a strong sense of purpose. We bias courage over hesitation, and always act with forward progress in mind.

We bring ideas, data, and solutions together in unconventional ways to create transformative value. We build bridges, break silos and prioritize the success of the whole over individual interests.

Our Aspirations