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About Us

At EAB, we are insight-chasers and innovators, and our teams are as diverse as the problems we solve. For four decades, we’ve delivered extraordinary results, and we proudly support 2,500+ organizations from K-12 to college to career. Together with our partners we can solve education’s toughest challenges. Our mission is to make education smarter and our communities stronger, and we strive to be a trusted partner to everyone we serve, in turn helping thousands of schools and millions of students thrive.

Meet EAB

EAB is a place where leaders and doers shine. Watch this video to learn a little more about who we are, what we care about, and how we are working together to change education.

The EAB Story

EAB has a 40-year tradition of supporting education.

During that time, we’ve always aspired to be a trusted partner to every school, and by extension, every administrator, teacher, and student that we serve.

Trusted partner is a high bar, though. It doesn’t happen overnight.

  • It is the result of collective belief in the power of education to change lives.
  • It is the result of hiring only the brightest and most passionate people.
  • It is the result of staying true to our values and our history, and staying anchored to what we believe, even when the world around us changes.

What is our history? Well, we have roots in two places; both shaped the company we are today. The first part of the story starts in 2007 with the best-practice research we conducted for large universities and academic medical centers when we were just a small team inside of a healthcare firm, The Advisory Board Company. The other part of our story goes further back—to the 1980s when Royall & Company reimagined student recruitment marketing alongside a handful of colleges, who needed help filling their classes. In 2014, both parts came together to better serve the education community.

In both cases, our teams were obsessed with using data to isolate the active insight or ingredient in a successful approach – and obsessed with serving each partner beyond expectation. These ideas still make us the company we are today; they still make us different.

Fast-forward to today. Education has evolved—and so has EAB. As the needs of our partners shift, we have added solutions and teams into the mix. We now support all types of schools, from kindergarten to college to career and beyond. But while things shift around us, our mission and values never do.

Our Partnership Approach

We aspire to be a trusted thought partner and comprehensive solution provider to each of the 2,100+ institutions that partner with us. We work with each partner differently, tailoring our portfolio of research, technology, and marketing and enrollment solutions to meet the unique needs of every leadership team, as well as the students and employees they serve.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does "EAB" stand for?

In 2014, we officially shortened our original moniker — the Education Advisory Board — to simply “EAB.” As a result, EAB is no longer an acronym; it is simply our company name.

What does EAB do?

We drive transformative change at more than 2100+ schools by providing insight-driven solutions in six major areas: enrollment; student success; data and analytics; institutional strategy; access and equity, and advancement.

Whom does EAB serve?

We partner with thousands of schools including universities, community colleges, K-12 districts, independent schools, as well as graduate and online programs. From kindergarten to college and beyond, EAB works with leaders and practitioners to accelerate progress and drive results on the most important and challenging issues facing education.

We also partner with more than 450 of the world’s best-known corporations through Seramount. Together, EAB and Seramount provide a unique platform for collaboration among education and corporate leaders to address and ultimately close equity gaps.

What does EAB believe?

At EAB, our mission is to make education smarter and our communities stronger. Learn more about the six core values that power our work.

  • Awards & Recognition

    See why we are nationally recognized as a great place to work.

  • Careers

    Make a difference for students and the institutions that serve them. Explore our open positions.

  • Social Impact

    Our mission begins in education, but extends far beyond colleges and universities. Learn how we are making our communities a better place.