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Data, Analytics, and IT

Build a better data infrastructure and culture to accelerate innovation

Fast decision making and the ability to innovate are imperative for today’s higher education leaders. But most leaders and teams don’t have access to trustworthy data at scale or a data culture that supports institutional transformation.

How We Help

  • Build a Culture of Data Confidence

    Build data buy-in across campus with a transparent and higher-ed specific data model. Implement data management and IT best practices with guides, benchmarking tools, and templates.

  • Empower Your Team with Insight and Tools

    Give your team access to self-service, custom, and pre-built analytics and data visualization to drive efficiency and support decision-making.

  • Bring Your Campus Data Together

    Edify’s cloud-native, secure, infinitely scalable data lake and higher education data warehouse supports your critical institutional data initiatives.

Helping partners build a better data ecosystem


Institutions partner with us on data and analytics


Year-one savings from using Edify to support ERP system replacements


Reduction in time required to submit IPEDS surveys with Edify

Our Solutions


The data management platform built for higher education

Colleges and Universities, Community Colleges

Access fast, trustworthy data to inform campus decisions and advance your strategic priorities.

IT Strategy Advisory Services

Tools and resources to guide your IT initiatives and investment strategy

Colleges and Universities

We provide IT leaders and with on-demand best practices, change management resources, and strategic guidance to train and empower their teams and support institutional transformation.

Rapid Insight

Self-service analytics to move from insight to action

Colleges and Universities, Community Colleges

Rapid Insight puts reliable data in decision-makers’ hands with simplified predictive modeling, a code-free data workspace, and cloud-based dashboards.

All Data and Analytics Solutions


Edify | The Higher Education Data Platform

Pair powerful data warehousing technology with direct-to-user analytics tools to empower better decision-making across campus

Learn More

IT Strategy Advisory Services

Expert advice and resources to help IT leaders build strong teams and drive change on campus

Learn More

Rapid Insight

Turn data into action with self-service analytics and user-friendly predictive modeling

Learn More

We went from the stone age to the space age in a matter of days.

Matt Rehbein, Director of Institutional Research
Lipscomb University

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