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Gain insight at the speed of conversation with a data & analytics solution designed for higher ed

Transforming Campus Data Strategy for Our Partners


partner institutions


year-one savings from using Edify to support Enterprise Resource Planning system replacements


reduction in time required to submit IPEDS surveys

Meet Edify

Innovation and bold decision-making are imperative for today’s college and university leaders—but critical data is too hard to get. Edify simplifies higher education data management by pairing powerful data warehousing technology with direct-to-user analytics tools to give you insight at the speed of conversation. Accelerate reporting, combat flattening enrollments, and more with Edify.

Data Access And Warehousing

Bring Your Data Together

Edify includes a cloud-native, secure, infinitely scalable data lake and higher education data warehouse to support critical institutional data initiatives. Edify can ingest data through a library of pre-build higher ed system connectors or custom extraction.

● Downstream data delivery
● System integration
● Data transformation
● Snapshotting

Data Governance

Build a Culture of Data Confidence

Edify lets your team implement education data management best-practice rules and validations to ensure a single source of truth. At the core of Edify is a transparent and higher-ed specific data model.

Edify’s data governance capabilities include tools to help keep your data organized and accurate:

  • Data dictionary creation
  • Data lineage
  • Permissions management
  • Data processing logs and monitoring

Your team can pursue self-service predictive modeling and access pre-built and customizable analytics for strategic priorities, like course planning for all modalities or identifying the relationship between financial aid and student success.

Reporting And Analytics

Empower Your Team with Insight

Edify includes self-service, custom, and pre-built analytics to drive efficiency and support your institution’s decision-making. Edify’s higher education analytics platform supports no- or low-code data exploration, analysis, and ad hoc reporting, as well as data visualization through your preferred business intelligence tools.

Professional Service Hours

Expand Your Team's Capacity

Edify’s experts offer a range of educational data services to meet you where you are. Our experienced team of higher education data scientists, data architects, integration engineers, programmers, and business process experts understand your unique environment and goals, and work to reduce the strain higher education data management can have on your team. You choose how involved your team is: your use of Edify can be self-service, partially managed, or fully managed by EAB.

  • Strategy and culture support
  • Integration services
  • Data science and analysis
  • Process consulting

We are setting up a consistent and repeatable integration environment where changing an integration is easy. The ability to extend the value of my team is priceless.




Edify is transforming how we look at data and will provide us with the Strategic Enrollment Management and DEIA dashboards we need to solve our biggest challenges.




Without the infrastructure of Edify, strategic analyses are too labor-intensive. You’re saving us having to hire a lot more staff.



Meet the Edify Team

Each of our partners works with a dedicated Strategic Leader who learns your organization and culture to steer your team to the right answers and resources. Our higher ed experts become an extension of your leadership team and expand the capacity of what you can accomplish.

Talk to Our Team
Lars Waldo

Managing Director, Data Science

Specialties Student Success, Information Technology, Data and Analytics
Virgilio Larralde
Virgilio Larralde

Senior Director, Engineering

Specialties Enrollment Strategy, College and University Strategy, Data Governance, IT Governance, Admissions, Data and Analytics, At-Risk Students

Data-Enabled Institutions

With Edify, colleges and universities are connecting data from across campus for better and faster decisions. Hear one of our partners describe the impact of the partnership in his own words, including how they were able to act fast to avoid a major state funding loss.

Ready to get started with Edify?

To speak with an expert or request a demo, please submit this form.

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