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  • Academic Program Planning

    Higher education has seen its fair share of disruptions and crises in the past decade. In the midst of responding to an ever-changing environment, it is necessary to ensure good stewardship of academic and administrative resources that aligns with the needs and priorities of the day.
  • Advancement

    Institutional ambitions for advancement have never been greater, and yet competition is growing increasingly fierce for donors’ attention and dollars. Schools must adopt innovative strategies to meet their strategic goals.
  • Data, Analytics, and IT

    From improving student outcomes to allocating resources efficiently, the demand for fast and reliable data is higher than ever before. But with IT staff in short supply and technology systems proliferating, providing that data is easier said than done. EAB’s research and technology can help you tame digital sprawl and build a culture of data-informed decision-making.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    Colleges and universities must work intentionally to eliminate racial gaps in degree attainment and ensure every student feels welcome on their campuses. EAB research and tools can help you promote DEIJ initiatives, institutional change, and an inclusive culture.
  • Facilities

    Tightened budgets are putting more pressure than ever on facilities leaders to strategically allocate their dollars, staff, and time. EAB can help you adapt, communicate across silos, and move from data to decisions.
  • Finance and Operations

    Higher education's business model is under threat from growing price sensitivity, demographic shifts, and increased competition. We can help campus leaders adapt, set strategy, and drive change in the new financial reality.
  • K-12 Education

    EAB supports public school districts and independent schools with research-backed solutions to complex challenges in the classroom and beyond. Our research can help you boost teacher morale, meet students’ needs, and build community confidence in your schools.  
  • Marketing and Enrollment

    To keep pace with the changing enrollment landscape, your institution needs to achieve excellence in all areas—from audience strategy to marketing campaign design. EAB’s research and technology can help you stay ahead of the curve and understand what works. EAB also helps schools reach, engage, and yield more right-fit students through best-in-class marketing.
  • Professional and Adult Education

    Graduate, online, professional, and adult degree completer programs are critical to financial sustainability for many institutions. EAB can help you stand out in a competitive market with research and tools to recruit adult students and design market-ready programs that align with workforce needs.
  • Research Enterprise

    With more competition for fewer awards and less financial support, university research offices need to diversify their funding. EAB can help you create a growth and research funding strategy, support research faculty, and comply with new research practices.
  • Strategy

    In this pivotal moment for higher education, universities need a bold strategic vision to thrive. EAB can help you forecast the future of your institution, create strategic roadmaps, and understand the organizational implications of change.
  • Student Success and Experience

    What students want from their higher education experience is changing quickly. EAB’s decade of student success research can help you understand today’s landscape—from advising reform to holistic well-being support—and the role technology should play in improving outcomes across the entire student journey.
  • Talent

    After decades of chronic underinvestment in talent infrastructure and strategy, higher education is now experiencing record-setting staff turnover along with widespread employee disengagement. Institutions must shift to a proactive talent management model and make targeted investments to bolster both long-term efficiency and competitiveness as an employer.