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Get the latest insights from EAB experts on a variety of topics and terrains from enrollment to student success to K-12 education to higher education strategy and beyond.


Are you prepared to recruit ‘Gen P’?

Here are three key insights for enrollment leaders about recruiting this new generation of students.
Enrollment Blog

The top 5 ways prospective graduate and adult learners are finding your programs

Our Adult Learner Recruitment team recently surveyed more than 3,800 graduate and adult learners to learn more about…
Adult Education Blog

30 Student success priorities for the 2020s

This blog explores three major trends in student success and outlines 30 student success priorities for the 2020s.
Student Success Blog

Most strategic plans fail to set useful goals. Why these mistakes make it impossible to meet institutional objectives.

This blog outlines the importance of clear strategic goals and identifies three most common failure paths for strategic…
Strategy Blog

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  • Adult Education Blog

    Graduate students are changing – are your recruitment tactics keeping up?

    Enrollment teams know best that as technology and students change, so must the marketing and recruitment tactics to reach them. Here are three key findings from the survey and related strategies that your graduate enrollment team can implement to improve your marketing and recruitment strategies.

  • Adult Education Blog

    How to make the case for investment in graduate enrollment marketing at your campus

    In our recent survey of graduate enrollment leaders, 60% of respondents said enrollment goals for their graduate programs increased since last year. If your team is advocating for additional investment in marketing for graduate programs, you’re not alone. Here are four tips to make the case for resources to grow grad marketing and enrollment efforts.

  • Strategy Blog

    Five strategies for regional public university leaders to succeed in today’s competitive market

    Regional public universities stand as community stalwarts, serving as vital educational and financial hubs. Yet, despite their importance, regional publics face a confluence of challenges that threaten their ability to continue this vital work. To successfully prepare an institution against future threats, leaders need to take a holistic look at their school’s overall health.

  • Strategy Blog

    3 possible student-athlete compensation models and what they mean for higher ed

    Discover emerging student-athlete compensation models, learn how institutions will shift their athletic operations, and explore relevant news stories.

  • K-12 Blog

    Four essential conditions to encourage positive student behavior

    Student behavior continues to be a pressing challenge for school districts. A recent EAB survey confirms the severity of this situation. Recognizing the urgency of this situation, EAB has developed a blueprint for more effective behavior management.

  • Student Success Blog

    4 ways to bridge the gap in your student mental health services

    Here are four tips for leaders who want to improve and extend their mental health services without hiring more counselors.

  • Enrollment Blog

    The current state of international enrollment

    Discover three key takeaways to help you tap into the incredible growth within the international education exchange.

  • Data & Analytics Blog

    Five things to know about the new direct-admission landscape

    Recent months have seen a rapid proliferation of direct-admission programs nationally and an increase in the number of participating students, colleges, and universities. This trend presents enrollment leaders with some urgent questions: Should you embrace direct admission? If so, what version of it? And what impact, if any, will it have on your team’s work and on your recruitment funnel?

  • Adult Education Blog

    How to use state demand data to launch or revitalize programs

    When designing new academic programs, faculty and institutional leaders often fall back on the familiar: develop a specialization in my research area, add a prestigious terminal degree in our field, and see what our peers have been developing. Each year, our Professional & Adult Education Forum analyzes statewide employer demand data. Read on for three ways to leverage employer demand data in program decision-making—and don’t forget to check out the demand profile for your state.