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EAB Taps National Student Clearinghouse Data to Help Boost Degree Completion
July 22, 2019 | Campus Technology
“Through the partnership, EAB’s member institutions get free access to the Clearinghouse’s StudentTracker Premium service, which provides data and analysis to help identify learners who may be looking to transfer or resume their studies. “

New Survey Assesses the Mindset of Adult Learners
May 16, 2019 | Diverse: Issues In Higher Education
“The report, ‘Understanding the Shifting Adult Learner Mindset: Insights for Growth from EAB’s Adult Learner Survey,’ concludes that adult learners are savvy digital consumers when selecting an educational option.” Read more

13 strategies to recruit and retain ‘post-traditional’ students
April 17, 2019 | Education Dive
“All colleges, particularly two-year institutions, are seeing the need to address these issues as more postsecondary students fall into EAB’s ‘post-traditional’ category.” Read more

Admissions Scandal Misses The Point That Many Students Can’t Afford College (Even If They Get In)
March 14, 2019 | Forbes
“Platforms to manage and encourage student engagement exist, like those offered by Civitas Learning and EAB, and the advent of machine learning is making them more powerful.” Read more

How colleges are using AI to save time on operations
February 27, 2019 | Education Dive
“Colleges looking to embrace AI should frame the investment as a way to solve long-running issues and seek out partnerships to raise the profile of AI’s use on campus, the Education Advisory Board recommends.” Read more

5 ways to improve support for part-time students
January 29, 2019 | eCampus News
“Although community colleges have started to enroll more economically-disadvantaged students, those students are not graduating at rates comparable to their peers, according to an EAB whitepaper.” Read more

The ‘Moneyball’ solution for higher education
January 16, 2019 | Politico
“Georgia State’s partner in developing the system was EAB, a Washington-based firm.” Read more

EAB and National Student Clearinghouse Partner to Boost College Degree Completion
July 22, 2019 | EAB
Combination of Clearinghouse data and EAB expertise will help more students earn bachelor’s degrees

Educators Report Growing Behavioral Issues Among Young Students
February 14, 2019 | EAB
Survey shows elementary school classrooms lose almost three weeks a year to disruptions

EAB Extends Technology Suite to Help College Students Transfer Seamlessly and Graduate in Less Time
October 4, 2018 | EAB
The firm announced a transfer portal and a major enhancement to its SSMS, providing community college and four-year students with continuous support across their higher education journeys

EAB Announces Pipeline Analytics for College Enrollment Leaders
September 28, 2018 | EAB
New machine learning technology helps colleges identify and recruit the students they need—and support those students through the first day of school

Survey Shows Which College Graduates Get the Best Jobs
September 7, 2018 | EAB
Many students don’t start their job search early, gain work experience while in school, or join extracurricular organizations despite these factors’ close ties to career success

How Colleges Can Help Students Avoid Graduation Job Anxieties—New Report
April 4, 2018 | EAB
Innovative schools combine academic and career advising to avoid underemployment

Prospective Students More Interested in Details About Individual Majors Than a College’s Cost, Rank, Reputation
March 27, 2018 | EAB
Findings suggest students are increasingly focused on how schools will prepare them for their desired career paths