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Virtual Tours

Let students experience your campus from anywhere
Students rely on virtual tours to inform their college decision-making. This is why it’s so important to have an exceptional virtual tour that drives students to act

Show More—Engage More—Achieve More


minutes of engagement


of visitors inquire


higher campus visit rate

Why Enroll360 Virtual Tours?

  • Powered by a Unique Platform

    Through advanced media layering and motion graphic capabilities, experiences built in our platform allow students to immerse themselves in your campus culture and picture themselves at your school.

  • Measurable Impact on Recruitment

    On average, visitors spend more than 8 minutes exploring the Enroll360 Virtual Tour and have an inquiry-to-deposit rate of 15.4%. Students who inquire through EAB’s tours are also 3x more likely to schedule an in-person visit.

  • Award-Winning Creative Team

    From storyboarding to content capture, EAB’s Creative Studio will serve as an extension of your team and bring your story to life through a virtual tour.

Gen Z Expects More

In today’s digital world, students rely on virtual tours

Our virtual campus tours combine layered visual content with clickable elements to tell your unique story and encourage visitor exploration. You can embed an Enroll360 Virtual Tour throughout your website, link directly to specific tour stops, feature your tour in email campaigns, and more.

Let Students Choose Their Own Adventure

Nonlinear and thematic storytelling allows students to find relevant information quickly and take charge of their college-search journey.

Encourage Exploration with Interactive Elements

Thoughtfully captured and layered content allows students to dive deeper within each tour stop. All tours are fully ADA-compliant and can be made available in 130+ languages.

Meet Students Where They Are

Amplify the impact of your Enroll360 Virtual Tour by embedding it in your marketing campaigns, including emails and third-party college-search sites such as EAB’s

Inquiry Capture and Optimization

Move students through the recruitment funnel with proactive lead capture.

Interactive digital exploration converts your visitors’ interest into intent. Our tours prompt students to take action—to register, schedule a visit, or apply—based on their engagement level so you can more effectively recruit them.

Our progressive Conversational Inquiry Form shows a 4x higher conversion rate compared to traditional web forms.

Robust Visitor and Content Performance Analytics

Monitor inquiry and visitor engagement through submitted and tracked engagement.

View an individual’s behavior and get insights into visitor engagement using tracked data across your virtual tour and EAB’s virtual tour network.

Our proprietary Audience Analytics Portal delivers more than 45 inquiry and content performance insights.

Recent Awards and Recognitions

We're Here to Support You

  • Team of Creative Storytellers

    Our award-winning creative team will craft a customized virtual experience in as few as six weeks and provide continued creative support throughout your partnership.

  • Expert Project Manager

    Your dedicated Project Manager will handle your implementation to bring your project to life in a timely manner.

  • Dedicated Partner Success Manager

    Our team of former higher education professionals will provide you with ongoing performance reviews and recommendations to drive strategic impact.

Ready to get started?

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