Our Leadership

At EAB, we believe that together, we can make education smarter. Our culture is distinct and essential to our success, and it begins with our team. Meet our leaders who are striving to improve outcomes for all students and the institutions that serve them.

Executive Team


David Felsenthal

Chief Executive Officer


Sally Amoruso

Chief Partner Officer

Subha Barry

Subha Barry

President, Seramount


Lia Davidson

Chief Marketing Officer


Catherine Ewell

Senior Vice President, Partner Success


Scott Fassbach

Chief Research Officer

Ed Hock

Ed Hock

Senior Vice President, Partner Development

Brian Huff

Brian Huff

Senior Vice President, Marketing and Enrollment Solutions


Michael Kirshbaum

Chief Financial Officer


Matt Klinger

Executive Vice President, Operations

krutz - Hope - 2019-05-29-002

Hope Krutz

President, Enroll360

Marett - Chris-2019-05-29-032

Chris Marett

President, Marketing and Enrollment Solutions


Jim Mathews

Chief Technology Officer

Steven Mandelbaum

Steven Mandelbaum

Senior Vice President, Business Solutions

Laura Munro

Laura Munro

Chief Talent Officer


Scott Schirmeier

President, Technology and Partner Development

Cara Weiman

Cara Weiman

Executive Vice President

Simone Scudder

Simone Scudder

Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Jennifer Winn

Jennifer Winn

Senior Vice President, Marketing & Enrollment Solutions and General Manager, Adult Learner Recruitment

VIrarni Nuruddin

Nuruddin Virani

Chief Strategy Officer

Policy Committee

Mohammad Abdullah

Vice President, Data Strategy & Management

David Attis

Managing Director, Research

Rahul Bansal

Vice President, Data Integration and Governance

Cindy Berg

Managing Partner, Strategy and New Ventures

Katie Brewer

Managing Director, Events

Kristen Brey

Managing Director, Enrollment Operations

Erik Candy

Executive Director, Partner Development

Jimmy Chiang

Vice President, Data and Analytics

David Cuddington

Managing Director, Strategy and New Ventures

Kathy Dawley

Managing Director, Partner Success, Enroll360

Sarah De Leon

Managing Director, Research Partner Success

Shanelle DeLorenzo

Managing Director, Partner Development

Richard Dyer

General Counsel, Legal

Alyssa Franklin

Vice President, Strategy and Operations

Khadish O. Franklin

Managing Director, Research Advisory Services

Carla Hickman

Vice President, Research

Rebecca Howard

Managing Director, Partner Development

Ashley Huffman

Managing Director and Chief of Staff, Enroll360

Sonia King

Executive Director, Account Management

Michael Koppenheffer

Vice President, Enroll360 Marketing and Analytics

Duncan McLean

Vice President, Partner Success, Enroll360

Brendan Mannix

Vice President, Engineering

Michelle Paquin

Managing Director, Talent

Erin Preston

Managing Director, Partner Success, Enroll360

Beth Rogan

Vice President, EAB Research

Lex Ruby-Howe

Vice President, Partner Development

Brett Schraeder

Managing Director, Financial Aid Optimization

Rich Staley

Vice President, Technology Partner Success

Hersh Steinberg

Managing Principal, Office of the President

Kate Terrell

Vice President, Partner Development

Nate Thompson

Vice President, Strategy and New Ventures

Emily Upton

Vice President, Program Marketing for ALR and General Manager, Agency Services

Susan Wafford

Vice President, Implementation Services

Ian Watt

Executive Director, Partner Success, Enroll360

LaToya White

Managing Director, Student Success

Susan Woda

Managing Principal, Office of the President

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