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Solutions for Graduate Marketing and Enrollment

Creating and advancing opportunities for graduate students

Graduate enrollment is a top priority for many institutions, but growing enrollment is a challenge in today's changing market. EAB has the research, solutions, and marketing expertise to help you achieve your enrollment goals and prepare for the future.

What Makes Our Graduate Marketing & Enrollment Solutions Different

  • Expertise at Every Stage of the Graduate Enrollment Funnel

    EAB offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to tackle graduate recruitment challenges from every angle. From program planning services to unrivaled access to diverse student audiences and responsive campaign design, we drive results with a cutting-edge, highly coordinated, research-backed approach.

  • Real-Time Analytics & Marketing Intelligence

    Our partners have 24/7 visibility into campaign performance data to help make strategic decisions efficiently. At EAB, we have dedicated teams conducting rigorous, ongoing testing and data analysis across our 480+ graduate marketing and enrollment partners. This data allows us to surface new best practices faster than digital marketing agencies or OPMs and execute our marketing campaigns with up-to-the-minute intelligence.

  • Partnership Beyond Expectation

    We operate as an extension of your graduate enrollment and marketing teams. EAB Strategic Leaders get to know your school and your goals inside and out, bringing every possible resource to bear for your success. Each year, over 95% of enrollment partners choose to continue their collaboration with EAB.

Helping partners outperform the market


Institutions partner with us on graduate marketing and enrollment


Average graduate enrollment growth for Adult Learner Recruitment partners


Lower cost per lead compared to Meta, LinkedIn, and Paid Search acquisition

Our Solutions

Adult Learner Recruitment

Future-proof your graduate, online, and adult enrollment strategy

Colleges and Universities, Community Colleges

Recruit, enroll, and serve graduate, online, and adult learners with next-generation marketing and growth strategies.

Appily Advance

Reach more right-fit students with a diversified acquisition strategy

Colleges and Universities

Generate cost-effective, high-quality leads across graduate business, health care, education, and degree completion programs.

Professional and Adult Education Advisory Services

Secure your share in a competitive market

Colleges and Universities

Compete in a crowded market and achieve institution goals with EAB’s best-practice research, analytics, and team of advisors.

Virtual Tours

Bring your campus experience to life from anywhere

Employers, Colleges and Universities, Community Colleges

Engage prospective graduate students with a best-in-class, interactive virtual tour that tells your unique brand story and increases yield.

All Graduate Marketing and Enrollment Solutions


Adult Learner Recruitment | Full-Funnel Grad Enrollment Solution

Reach, enroll, and serve graduate, online, and adult learners with next-generation marketing and growth strategies

Learn More

Appily Advance

Cost-effective, high-quality leads for adult learners across graduate business, health care, and degree completion programs

Learn More

Professional and Adult Education Advisory Services

Employer-focused market research, recruiting studies, and implementation resources to help you support your goals

Learn More

Virtual Tours | Award-Winning Immersive Tour Experiences

Bring your campus story to life with immersive tours that drive student engagement and inquiries

Learn More

Website Design and Development

Optimize your website and digital strategy to engage and convert prospective students

Learn More

I’ve been a sitting Vice President for more than 20 years. Every year that I’ve been a sitting Vice President, I’ve partnered with EAB. I don’t think I could do this work without this partnership.


Scott Briell, Senior Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Services

Notre Dame of Maryland University

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