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Insight Paper

Findings from EAB’s Survey of High School Counselors

This white paper summarizes findings from EAB’s 2021 survey of high school counselors.
Partner Story

How Pueblo Community College Leveraged Faculty Partnerships and Technology to Address the Community College Enrollment Crisis

Explore how Navigate helped Pueblo Community College leverage faculty partnerships and technology to address their enrollment crisis.

The 3 big bets university presidents and provosts are placing on graduate and adult learner enrollments

As the graduate market moves away from its COVID-induced bumps in enrollment, and as undergraduate enrollment continues to fall short, university executives are facing more pressure to grow graduate enrollment.
Adult Education Blog

2 programs that facilitate positive mental health conversations among Black men

Learn about two programs that have developed strategies to reduce reliance on overworked counselors and combat the stigma around mental health by promoting positive mental health conversations among Black men.

What the mental health crisis means for student success leaders

The pandemic affected student mental health in ways that could impact retention and student success for years. In this post, we analyze the magnitude of the crisis and share seven…

How to recruit specialized business students and grow non-MBA enrollment

The following is a guide to help you locate, recruit, and nurture specialized business students.
Adult Education Blog

Modern Student Experience Diagnostic for Community Colleges

Community college student demographics are shifting, nontraditional is the new norm, mental health is in crisis, and learning flexibility is a growing demand.
Student Success Blog

Understanding the basics of bot-generated leads

It’s no secret that lead generation for graduate and adult programs can be challenging. Common points of frustration for enrollment leaders include high cost per lead and lower-than-desired conversion rates.
Adult Education Blog

Has Time Run Out on TikTok as a Marketing Tool?

Experts explore how banning TikTok on college campuses will impact efforts to engage students, staff, and other target audiences.

What do enrollment leaders care most about in 2023? Review our poll results to find out.

I’m going to share highlights from our most recent survey with you, using the results as a framework for broader observations and speculation about the forces defining today’s enrollment challenge.
Enrollment Blog