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We have developed a glossary of terminology to serve as a resource for common higher education topics. The glossary covers a wide range of topics such as Academic Planning, Enrollment Funnels, Admission Systems, and more. Explore the terms listed below for easy-to-understand definitions and resources to help you enhance your knowledge and skills.
  • Advising Campaign

    Learn more about how advising campaigns are an effective strategy for educational institutions to increase retention and graduation rates.

  • Caseload Management

    Discover effective strategies for caseload management, ensuring every student's needs are met.

  • Enrollment Funnel

    Explore what enrollment funnels are, how they work, and how you can improve your processes by implementing custom strategies.


    Learn what IPEDS is in higher education and how you can improve your IPEDS reporting.

  • Merit-Based Aid

    Explore what merit-based aid is and how it contributes to student academic success.

  • Need-Based Aid

    Learn more about what need-based financial aid is and how you can help set your students up for a successful education future.

  • Proactive Advising

    Find out how academic advisors use proactive advising strategies to help students stay on track during their academic journey.

  • Student Advisor Ratio

    Learn about what the average student-to-advisor ratio is, what it should be, and how improving this process enables students to progress.