Three Pre-Occupancy Interventions to Lower Recurring Costs of Capital Projects

About the Webconference Presenter: Michael Fisher While total cost of ownership (TCO) investments can be made at any stage of a capital project, first and lifetime building costs are easiest to manage during the initial stages of a project. This webconference, the second in a three-part series, provides guidance on how facilities leaders can intervene […]

Three Strategies to Manage Energy Costs of New and Existing Infrastructure

About the Webconference Speaker: Michael Fisher While new construction provides clear places to make total cost of ownership (TCO) investments, the day-to-day occupancy of space on campus remains an under-appreciated opportunity for a TCO mindset. In particular, energy and utility inefficiencies remain a major driver of overall post-occupancy costs. In this webconference, the third in […]

2020 Facilities Forum National Meeting

Join us at a 2020 National Meeting The 2020 Facilities Forum meeting series focuses on top issues facing senior facilities officers. Attendees will join fellow forum members in DC, Santa Monica, and Chicago for thought-provoking research, best practices, engaging breakout discussions, and more.
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Building a Total Cost of Ownership Mindset

This three-part series highlights how facilities leaders are defining, communicating, and implementing total cost of ownership (TCO) investments on campus.
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EAB’s State of the Industry

About the Webconference This webconference aggregates insights and observations from across EAB’s diverse set of research forums to showcase the broader movements happening in higher education. Participants will learn how enrollment, business, and organizational changes directly affect facilities work–and how innovative leaders are responding. Thanks for your interest! To access this content, please log in […]
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How to Create a Capital Renewal Plan

This webconference explores methods facilities leaders have used to incorporate both facility condition and academic perspective into the prioritization process.

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