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Insight Paper

Supporting Gen P: Understanding the Next Generation of Community College Learners

We’ve uncovered six distinguishing traits of prospective community college students that can help leaders understand how to best support Gen P.
Press Release

EAB Moon Shot for Equity Institutions See Growth in Student Success at Third Anniversary

Original four Wisconsin institutions that helped launch the project with EAB in 2020 report significant progress on boosting student retention and graduation rates

Attack of the “Math Shark”: Why Unfinished Learning Is a Lurking Threat to Student Success in the Late 2020s

Recent middle school testing data shows us that we have a big problem lurking below the surface, an imminent yet largely underrecognized threat slowly swimming its way across the mid-2020s.
Student Success Blog

Moon Shot for Equity Leadership Testimonials: University of Wisconsin–Parkside

To fulfill the promise of student success we must eliminate persistent equity gaps at our colleges and universities. Watch the video to hear from Deborah Ford, Chancellor of University of…
Press Release

Two New Regions Commit to EAB's National "Moon Shot for Equity"

Three regional clusters of colleges now working with each other and EAB to erase equity gaps

Address Student Basic Needs: Food and Housing Insecurity

Students can’t be expected to achieve academic success or personal wellness until their basic needs are met. Use this Roadmap to learn how student affairs officers can support food and…
Strategic Advisory Services

How Addressing Equity Gaps Helped Carthage Boost Overall Student Retention

Carthage College President John Swallow discusses the extraordinary progress his institution has made in boosting retention rates for all student cohorts by applying the same strategies that work to eliminate…

How Equity Work Led Carthage College to Their Highest Recorded Retention Rate

In this Q&A-style webinar, Abigail Hanna, Carthage’s Vice President for Administrative Planning and Innovation, will join Moon Shot for Equity’s Managing Director, Ellyn Artis, to share the details of Carthage’s…
Insight Paper

Ahead of the Curve: Navigating 10 Key Imperatives for Community Colleges Across the Next Decade

Unlock insights and resources on key imperatives for community colleges such as evolving higher ed perceptions and student expectations.

Moon Shot Roundtable: Engaging Academic Leaders in Data Analytics

Join us for a fireside chat to hear how two Moon Shot partners have engaged academic leaders in examining program-level data to improve course outcomes and retention. Dave Clark and…