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Insight Paper

Three Quick Wins for Student Mental Health and Wellness

Discover three “quick win” ideas for adapting student success technology to support a broader range of student needs.
Insight Paper

From Caution to Curiosity: Higher Ed Success Staff Weigh in on AI’s Role in Student Success

This insight paper shares four key findings from a survey of 200+ higher ed practitioners about AI’s role in student success.

4 ways to bridge the gap in your student mental health services

Here are four tips for leaders who want to improve and extend their mental health services without hiring more counselors.
Student Success Blog

Takeaways from CONNECTED21: Embedding Technology in the New Student Onboarding Experience

The annual CONNECTED conference is intended to bring institutions together to share best practices and lessons that they can implement when they return home to their campuses. Come hear how…

Strategic Use of Your Starfish Predictive Data: Follow Up Q+A

Join Starfish Administrators from Ramapo and Northeast Wisconsin Technical College for a Q+A session to learn more about their use of Retention Scores.

Making the Most of Your Intake Survey

Join us to explore how to make the most of your intake survey design and data to provide thoughtful, student-centered support throughout the term. In addition to survey and workflow…

Using Starfish Strategic Analytics to Study Course Performance Impact from COVID on Your Campus

Join Starfish Strategic Leaders Andrina Musser and Megan Speakman as they walk through Starfish analytics tools to showcase dashboards that can be used to study the impact on course performance…

Send Your Data, "Skip" the Errors: Sustainable Architecture for Reliable Imports

Join us for this session to learn more about the principles of Sustainable Architecture, a data query design approach that will allow your team to create data extracts that are…

Using Strategic Analytics to Inform Your Re-Enrollment Strategy

Join Senior Strategic Leaders, Andrina Musser and Megan Speakman as they continue their “Quarterly Insight” on how to use Strategic Analytics to support your goals and institutional priorities as they…

CONNECTED21 Encore Presentation: Missed Connections: What Research and Data Tell Us About the Need for Equity in Support Outreach

Join this session to learn strategies to improve student response to alerts and outreach, increase utilization of institutional support services, and reduce gaps in student success.