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Financial Performance Collaborative for Provosts

EAB’s Financial Performance Collaborative will help you safeguard future spending or fund emerging priorities through resource allocation savings.

Rapid Insight Annual Activity Calendar

Use these Rapid Insight resources as a guide for typical enrollment, reporting, student success, and fundraising processes, and to map your own.
Rapid Insight

3 common challenges with academic program assessment

EAB's Financial Sustainability Collaborative has worked with over 100 schools to help them structure their academic program assessment process, and that experience has provided us with some observations about the…
Strategy Blog

Fiscal literacy for department chairs

While management of financial resources is one of their top responsibilities, often department chairs who are charged with stewardship of a significant portion of the university’s resources are provided the…
Strategy Blog

Elevate Data Literacy to Achieve Data-Informed Decision-Making in Higher Education

This toolkit is designed to help Academic Performance Solutions (APS) users, such as deans and department chairs, understand and build foundational skills for strong data literacy.
Academic Performance Solutions

APS Intensive: Make Data-Informed Faculty Line Planning Decisions for FY2022-23

Start the new year off right with APS! Join our APS Intensive to learn how to use data to understand faculty line needs to accommodate student demand in FY22-23. During…

CPO Intensives

CPO is designed to empower individuals involved in course planning with historical analyses and course forecasts to make data-informed decisions.

APS Intensive Encore: Make Data-Informed Faculty Line Planning Decisions for FY2021-22

Given the financial impacts of Covid-19 and beyond, the need to do more with less or the same number of resources is more pressing than ever before.

3 challenges holding back your business intelligence efforts

Learn how your campus’s complicated technology infrastructure may be holding back strategic analytics efforts.

Leveraging Program Analytics to Support Institutional Goals

Watch this on-demand webconference for a look at the APS Program Analytics feature and learn how the new program-level data can support program portfolio management and annual department health check-ups.
Academic Performance Solutions