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Research Report

Explore new international opportunities and expand existing transnational collaborations

Explore takeaways that will help you better explore new international opportunities in higher ed and expand existing transnational collaborations.
Strategic Advisory Services

100 Tactics for International Student Support

EAB's infographic identifies 100 proven tactics to support international students. We evaluated each tactic based on ease of online delivery, ease of standardisation across a diverse international student body, and…
Professional and Academic Services Forum
Resource Center

Enrollment Growth Strategy Resource Center

Shape your future enrollment growth strategy with research that uncovers hidden risks and opportunities and sheds light on changing dynamics of competition.
Professional and Adult Education Advisory Services

How to Create an International Strategy Champion

Learn three main models for empowering an international strategy champion at your institution so you can have more effective agreements with universities across the globe. Access sample job descriptions and…
Strategic Advisory Services

Want to grow your international online market? Answer three questions first.

To expand or strengthen your current international online offerings, consider these three questions.

How Students Overseas Match with US Colleges

Experts discuss new ways that students overseas are exploring and enrolling at universities in the US and elsewhere.
Research Report

Launching an Online Education Programme? 5 Questions and Recommendations from EAB Experts

This report outlines decision points and lessons learned to consider when launching an online education programme at your higher ed institution.
Strategic Advisory Services

Think twice before relying on international students to solve online enrollment challenges

Complex enrollment barriers and increasing competition abroad make this population challenging to recruit, enroll, and serve.

The current state of international enrollment

Discover three key takeaways to help you tap into the incredible growth within the international education exchange.
Enrollment Blog
Research Report

Grow international enrollment by leveraging these 3 hidden drivers

Read our key takeaways from our event, Leveraging Hidden Enrollment Drivers to Grow International Enrollment. You’ll learn about why an “inside-out” strategy will be key in a volatile recruitment landscape…
Strategic Advisory Services