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4 things to know when planning for the future of teaching and learning

EAB convened 17 chief information officers (CIOs) to discuss opportunities and challenges facing the future of teaching and learning they see coming out of the pandemic. Read on for takeaways…
Data & Analytics Blog

Virtual Instruction Checklist for K-12 Educators

Every teacher must be equipped to instruct in a virtual setting this school year, but many struggle to do this well. This checklist summarizes 20 science-based instruction strategies that are…
District Leadership Forum

Guide for Mental Health Management in K-12 Schools

K-12 district leaders are expecting to see a continued surge in the number of students requiring additional support for their mental health. The ten strategies in this toolkit provide district…
District Leadership Forum

Simple ways to improve online student engagement your teachers probably haven’t tried yet

Although teachers are experimenting with hands-on learning assignments and online break-out sessions to engage students during online classes, many teachers still notice only a handful of students actively participate on…
Research Report

Student-Centered Math Reforms in High School

In student centered math classes, students reason mathematically, communicate their mathematical thinking to other students, connect math concepts to their experiences, and solve complex, real world math problems rather than…
District Leadership Forum

Learning Innovations Toolkit

Eight tools to help you identify and sustain learning innovations among your faculty members.

Align Early Grades Instruction to the Science of Reading

Far too many elementary students lack reading proficiency by third grade. The good news is that scientific evidence provides a blueprint for effective reading instruction. Learn how district leaders can…
District Leadership Forum

Making Up Lost Learning Time: Accelerating Instruction using EAB’s Curriculum Prioritization Tool

Almost all students are expected to enter the fall nearly a full grade-level behind and will likely need to navigate a completely new school environment.

3 practices to honor teachers virtually during Teacher Appreciation Week 2020

The past couple of months have been incredibly difficult for school communities, here are some creative ways to honor teachers.

4 short-term strategies to support teachers in responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

School and district leaders are facing many difficult choices in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, especially when trying to balance the needs of their students with the health of…