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Did Florida’s developmental education bill pave the way for student success innovation?

After Florida instituted its 2013 law that changed how the state's 28 two-year college could assess incoming students, students started skipping developmental education. Discover what those students are teaching community…

Traditional developmental education will fail students experiencing “coronavirus slide.” Here’s what higher ed can do to fix it.

Today’s K-12 students experiencing "coronavirus slide” are tomorrow’s rising college students, who will require more support to be successful once they arrive on college campuses or log in to their…
K-12 Blog
Research Report

Reengineering Developmental Math

Based on more than 200 research interviews with leading community colleges, this study explores what works, what doesn’t, and where to invest in developmental math redesign.
Research Report

Elevating Success in Developmental English

This white paper offers strategies to accelerate student success in developmental English while providing students with the non-academic support they need to meet completion goals.
Strategic Advisory Services for Community Colleges
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Redesign Curricular Pathways to Support Student Success

Read this brief for strategies to redesign mathematics courses to better support the success of all students.
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Why Gen Z Students Start at Community Colleges and What Happens Next

After growing up during the Great Recession and watching their Millennial predecessors struggle with massive student loan burdens, Generation Z students' pragmatism is playing out on community college campuses across…
Strategic Advisory Services for Community Colleges

How to prevent worsening developmental ed equity gaps in a COVID-19 landscape

Explore three insights for community college leaders to consider when reevaluating how they assess students’ English readiness.

Promote College Access and Ease the Path to Transfer

Determine if your policies and partnerships encourage college access and college readiness by easing the path to transfer in this audit.
Research Report

The four most common onboarding mistakes

EAB researchers attempted to enroll at more than 150 community colleges across the company. Here’s the four most common mistakes we saw colleges make when onboarding new students.

How does a four year degree become a six-and-a-half year degree?

It’s no secret that college costs a lot. One good way to help minimize the expense is to do everything in our power to shorten the total time it takes…