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Allison Peeler

Allison Peeler, LMSW

Senior Analyst

Allison is a Senior Analyst with over six years of experience specializing in higher education recruitment and retention marketing. Her focus at EAB is to support student success among community and technical colleges through the lens of technology and innovation. Allison’s skills as a storyteller, researcher and content strategist enable her to share compelling partner stories and best practices in ways that are relevant and actionable for higher ed leaders.
Allison is also a licensed master social worker (LMSW) with a breadth of experience serving in community mental health and homeless outreach settings prior to her work in marketing. Her ability to look at issues from both systems and strengths perspectives makes her a strong technical and relational communicator. In her free time, she supports the social work profession by sharing branding and marketing insights with her home chapter of the National Association of Social Workers in Texas.
Areas of Expertise
Marketing and Enrollment, Professional and Adult Education
Marketing and Recruiting, Community Colleges, Lead Generation and Inquiry Management, Digital Marketing and Communications, Market Research