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Brett Schraeder

Managing Director, Financial Aid

Brett Schraeder joined EAB in 2015, but his connection to the company spans his entire career. He has over 20 years of on-campus experience, most recently as Vice President for Strategic Initiatives at Occidental College in Los Angeles. Brett has had an unusually comprehensive set of roles during his time on campus. He knows recruitment, data management, data analysis, financial aid at both strategic and operational levels, strategic planning, institution-wide budgeting, board management and governance, and marketing and communications. At EAB, Brett manages the Financial Aid team which helps partners think strategically about enrollment and financial aid. Brett works extensively with both public and private colleges across the country using analytics and best-practice strategies to help with enrollment and revenue generation.

Brett has served as adjunct faculty and guest lecturer at Occidental College, Sierra Nevada College and in the certificate program for college counseling at UCLA.

Areas of Expertise
Strategy, Marketing and Enrollment
Strategic Planning, Enrollment Strategy, Admissions, Yield Management, Data and Analytics, Financial Aid, Pricing