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Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson

Managing Director of Product Management

Chris Johnson serves as the Managing Director for Product over the Navigate platform at EAB. Over his career in product development, Chris has refined his skills in product management, user experience, and business intelligence software.

Today, Chris is working closely with research, development, and Higher Education leaders to innovate and improve on EAB’s Student Success Management System. His days are filled with scoping new features with engineers and UX designers in addition to researching trends and behavior with students and advisors at institutions across the country. Chris is responsible for collaborating with our EAB Partners and their strategic leaders to craft and execute on a roadmap that will push the limits of technology in Higher Ed.

Outside of his drive to improve the education landscape, Chris has a beautiful wife, daughter, and playful pup Clyde. They have a passion for their faith, family, and travel, but they would never turn down a cozy couch and an old movie.

Areas of Expertise
Strategy, Student Success and Experience
Strategic Planning, Student Success, Community Colleges, Organization Change Management, Future Growth Opportunities, Data and Analytics, Future Design Trends