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Elaine Sheehan

Elaine Sheehan

Strategic Leader, Student Success

Elaine joined EAB’s Student Success Strategic Leader team in 2021. Prior to that, she worked in an array of student affairs positions at a variety of institutional types, including housing at a small liberal art institution, Administrator at a community college. Elaine completed her master's degree in education at the University of Utah, emphasizing in student affairs administration and social justice leadership in higher education. Elaine's Masters research is in ensuring the ethical use of analytics for higher education.

Areas of Expertise
Student Success and Experience, Data, Analytics, and IT, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Data and Analytics, Diversity and Inclusion, Administrative Efficiency and Effectiveness, Student Success

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Quantifying Your Starfish Impact

Many Starfish users know the benefits of Starfish simply as a result of seeing its impact on students, staff, and faculty in their daily lives. But how do we know for sure how much impact we are having or where we might try to have more impact by adjusting our practices? How do we tell the story of our impact to those who don't see the whole picture daily?