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Emily Upton

Vice President, Program Marketing for ALR and General Manager, Agency Services

Emily Upton is a vice president for marketing and enrollment solutions and general manager for agency services at EAB with extensive experience in all aspects of creative, digital, web strategy, audience research and campaign development. Emily specializes in direct marketing recruitment campaign services for Higher Education clients. Her work supports college-bound populations through best-of-its-kind student success marketing campaigns that match students to right-fit colleges using collective power of over 300 higher educational institutions to generate insights.

Emily spends her day testing, analyzing, and refining strategic marketing plans and programs to help partners stay relevant and successful in a highly competitive market.

In her spare time, Emily enjoys reading, the outdoors, and international travel. Emily’s current favorite poem is A Psalm of Life by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and her favorite outdoor activity is kayaking. Next upon Emily’s travel destination is southern France.

Areas of Expertise
Strategy, Marketing and Enrollment
Marketing and Recruiting, Lead Generation and Inquiry Management, Digital Marketing and Communications, Student Experience, Market Research, Channel Strategy, Parent and Community Engagement