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Hersh Steinberg

Managing Principal, Office of the President

Hersh Steinberg serves as the Managing Principal for the Office of the President.  Mr. Steinberg’s role is to serve as a strategic advisor to presidents & chancellors, provosts and other leadership at EAB’s key member institutions.  Hersh specializes in translating executive priorities and mapping those critical issues back to EAB support services and convening the appropriate EAB experts. 

In his prior role, Mr. Steinberg has assisted academic and business leaders focus on improving Operational Performance and Course Planning through the use of EAB’s analytics, benchmarks, and best practices. You'd typically find him on campus in a Provost’s office or at a Dean’s Retreat speaking about the importance of data-informed decision making.

Across his tenure at EAB and the Advisory Board, Hersh has been tasked with the strategy and launch of new product offerings and relationship management with institutions and systems across the United States. Since joining the firm in 2005, Hersh has worked across the strategic, operational, and financial constituencies and helps our members maximize the value of their existing partnership with the EAB.

Mr. Steinberg resides in New York with his wife Sarah and serves on the board of the Michael S. Steinberg Foundation. Hersh is an avid runner and is training for the next half marathon.

Areas of Expertise
Finance and Operations, Strategy
Department and Program Review, Data and Analytics, Performance Metrics, Budgeting and Planning, Business Intelligence