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Jenna Carpel

Jenna Carpel

Senior Director, Research Partner Success

Jenna Carpel oversees part of the Research Partner Success team for large public and private four-year institutions at EAB and leads a team of 7 Strategic Leaders. She is responsible for strengthening and directing executive partner relationships and promoting partner utilization and engagement. Jenna works with the Strategic Leaders to diagnose partners’ obstacles to ensure they are finding value in their Research partnerships, learning what their most important business needs are, and demonstrating how EAB resources can help accomplish their goals.

Prior to this role, Jenna served as a Director of Learning & Development at EAB. She was responsible for onboarding, continuous learning and career development for partner-facing staff. Prior to joining EAB in 2017, Jenna worked at The Advisory Board Company in Partner Development and Operations.

Jenna currently resides in Bethesda, Maryland and outside of work, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her friends and family.

Areas of Expertise
Finance and Operations, Talent
Project Management, Leadership Development, Career Development, Stakeholder Communication and Enfranchisement