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Jennie Bailey

Principal Strategic Leader

Jennie Bailey took the role of Principal Strategic Leader at EAB after years of working with colleges and universities implement tactical enrollment marketing campaigns for advancing their undergraduate and graduate programs. During that time, she developed a great passion for the unique challenges the graduate and adult learner arena presents. She brings strategic insights on a variety of audiences to the adult learner space.

She now works exclusively with EAB’s continuing education partners, gathering information on what works best in the adult enrollment space and providing specialized insight into effective adult recruitment strategies. Jennie has worked with over 50 institutions nationwide to help them achieve their enrollment goals. Her experience working with a wide variety of Graduate and Online Programs provides her with a unique perspective on enrollment trends and their impact on different Enrollment Management models.

Areas of Expertise
Strategy, Marketing and Enrollment
Marketing and Recruiting, Online Learning, Enrollment Strategy, Admissions, Pipeline Development, Digital Marketing and Communications, Customer Service