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Joe Morrison

Joe Morrison

Managing Director, Concourse

Joe Morrison is the founder of Concourse Global (now part of EAB), creator of an innovative college admissions platform that is expanding access to higher education. A longtime technology entrepreneur, Joe previously developed computer music software, founded Canadian technology startup e-smith, inc., and built financial trading platforms on Wall Street. After shifting fields to education, Joe served as Managing Director at Grok Global Services, a leading provider of strategic consulting and in-country marketing services for universities.

Joe now serves as Managing Director, Concourse at EAB. Joe has given presentations on the future of college admissions at NACAC, IACAC, CIS, IC3, NAFSA, and AIRC. Outside of work, he mentors aspiring software developers and entrepreneurs, and loves to travel, especially in Southeast Asia.

Areas of Expertise
Marketing and Enrollment
Underrepresented Students, Marketing and Recruiting, Enrollment Strategy, Admissions, Counseling Services, First Generation Students, International Students