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Jon Barnhart

Director, Research Advisory Services

Jon Barnhart joined EAB in 2012 as a Research Associate, where he worked across the higher education membership forums conducting short-term research projects. Jon helped to launch the University Research Forum in the summer of 2015, and has led research projects for the forum on industry partnerships, international engagements, foreign interference, and research growth strategy.

Prior to joining EAB, Jon worked for several political consulting and fundraising groups around Washington DC. He currently resides in Orange County, California.

Areas of Expertise
Strategy, Finance and Operations, Research Enterprise
Industry Partnerships, Research Administration, Research Compliance, Research Funding/Research Growth, Pre-Award and Post-Award Offices, Research Faculty Support, Security and Risk Management

Upcoming Events


Special Joint Session for Provosts and Chief Research Officers

Please join us in Washington, DC this April for unique two-day meeting that will bring together Provosts and Chief Research Officers in a cross-silo conversation on the research enterprise. This session is limited to Provosts, Chief Research Officers, and Vice Presidents, Research.