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Jonathan April

Jonathan April

Managing Director, College Greenlight

Jonathan April is the Managing Director of College Greenlight, a nationwide effort uniting colleges and community-based organizations (CBOs) to reduce barriers for students who have traditionally experienced obstacles when applying to colleges, such as confusing financial aid systems, information and opportunity gaps, and burdensome college application processes.

The College Greenlight community includes 400 colleges and universities and 1,500+ CBOs/schools, who collectively support 750,000 students annually. Jonathan has been with College Greenlight since it launched in 2012 to help students expand their opportunities, provide meaningful free resources to counselors and other advocates, and enhance the recruitment and enrollment of underrepresented students across higher ed.

Areas of Expertise
K-12 Education, Marketing and Enrollment
Underrepresented Students, Enrollment Strategy, Admissions, Emerging Student Populations, At-Risk Students, Diversity and Inclusion, First Generation Students