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Lars Waldo

Managing Director, Data Science

Lars is a Managing Director who leads the Data Science team for NavigateThe mission of the team is to promote student and institutional success by finding impactful and actionable insights hidden deep in the subtleties of large datasets. Lars has pursued this mission by identifying new problems to tackle with machine learning, driving adoption of the latest AI/ML techniques, and maximizing team scalability through automation and use of cloud technologies. 

Lars joined EAB in 2016 from the Advisory Board Company, EAB’s then-parent company, where he modeled healthcare needs and managed databases for software used by hospitals. Before his career in Data Science, Lars was a quantitative analyst and natural gas trader at a proprietary trading firm, where he discovered his passion for gleaning insight from large and complex datasets. He keeps himself busy by training for marathons in the summer and hitting the slopes in the winter. 

Areas of Expertise
Student Success and Experience, Data, Analytics, and IT
Student Success, Information Technology, Data and Analytics