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Lauren Edmonds

Senior Director, Research Development

Lauren Edmonds serves as senior director of the Market Insights service, overseeing research and operations related to market-responsive program development as well as shifts in consumer behavior. Lauren specializes in professional, online, and adult programs; market assessment analytics; and enrollment strategy.

She oversaw the creation of the dedicated market research function and expansion of services to include program validation, opportunity identification, recruitment strategy support, and web and mobile presence optimization.

Before coming to EAB, Lauren conducted research at a pro-social marketing firm, where she contributed to federal and professional association contracts. She got her start in higher education research as an undergraduate evaluating and implementing campus sustainability efforts.

Lauren received Bachelors of Arts in International Relations and Environmental Policy from the College of William and Mary. Upon graduation, she received the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award, Ewell Award, and the Lauren Burns Award for Environmental Science.

Areas of Expertise
Strategy, Marketing and Enrollment, Professional and Adult Education
Emerging Student Populations, Growth Strategy, Emerging Fields and New Skills, Alternative Credentials, Future Market Trends, Market Research, Pricing