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Logan Morris

Associate Director

Logan Morris is an Associate Director in EAB’s Research Advisory Services, providing strategic decision support for partner institutions around challenges in enrollment, student success, student affairs, and DEIJ initiatives. Logan’s work at EAB has focused on strategic enrollment management, college websites and messaging, and preparing colleges to serve the students of the pandemic. He works at EAB to take on the complex challenges of improving systems so that students can reach their greatest potential.

Prior to joining EAB, Logan served as an administrator and instructor for adult education in Chattanooga, TN. He likes to spend time outside of work mentoring young people navigating the college process and their early careers. He also strives to cook meals that are better than those available near EAB’s headquarters, which is a daring task in Washington, D.C.

Logan earned a B.A. in English with a minor in American Government magna cum laude from The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina as a member of The Citadel Honors Program.

Areas of Expertise
Talent, Strategy
Student Success, Community Colleges, Enrollment Strategy, Student Experience, Diversity and Inclusion

Upcoming Events


Resilient Leadership Workshop for Community College Leaders

In crises such as this, much of the long-term, strategic thinking is replaced by the day-to-day crisis management and it takes a communal mindset shift to approach the future intentionally. In this session participants will learn how to shift away from the crisis mentality of the last year and toward long-term strategic thinking and resilience.

Compassionate Leadership Seminar for Community College Leaders

Cabinet leaders are ready to lead their teams forward with bold ideas—but many find their teams exhausted by the demands of the past few years, protests and campus-wide division, and constant talent turnover. At the same time, leaders are experiencing compassion fatigue.

Change Management Workshop for Community College Leaders

Given fast-changing market pressures, there's a growing urgency for campus leaders to initiate more and larger-scale change initiatives simultaneously. Yet, leadership teams often face high barriers to change on their campuses.