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Molly O’Connor

Managing Director, Strategic Research

Molly O’Connor is a senior director with EAB, overseeing best practice research in the enrollment terrain. Upon joining the firm in 2013, she initially worked in the student affairs sector, leading research on experiential learning and career development, supporting first-generation college students, and addressing basic needs insecurity on campus. More recently, her work has focused on enrollment trends and student price sensitivity, enrollment marketing and communications, and recruiting diverse student populations.

Before joining the firm, Molly spent several years doing financial research, before shifting her focus to education. After moving abroad for a year to teach English in France (and satisfy her wanderlust) and pursuing her master’s in education, she worked with Education Pioneers, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving K-12 leadership and outcomes in the U.S.

Area of Expertise
Marketing and Enrollment
Underrepresented Students, Marketing and Recruiting, Experiential Learning, Enrollment Strategy, Student Retention and Success