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Nathan Mueller

Principal and Managing Director, Advanced Analytic Services

Nathan became a principal in Financial Aid Optimization in 1996. He consults with many of Financial Aid Optimization's clients on financial aid strategy, retention and recruitment. He frequently presents to college and university boards of trustees on the enrollment challenges and solutions they have before them. Nathan began his career in college admissions at Concordia University in St. Paul in 1982 and served as director of admissions for eight years followed by five years as vice president for college relations, which included the admissions, financial aid, administrative technology, communication services and public relations departments.

Nathan has actively supported a number of community organizations focused on the concerns of communities of color, specifically with regard to college access. He enjoys theatre, music and the Minnesota sports scene.

Area of Expertise
Marketing and Enrollment
Enrollment Strategy, College and University Strategy, Admissions, Yield Management, Data and Analytics, Financial Aid, Pricing