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Ryan Castillo

Ryan Castillo

Senior Director, Research Partner Success

Ryan Castillo serves as a Senior Director in the Strategic Advisory Services Division. He is responsible for strengthening and directing executive member relationships and promoting partner utilization and engagement.

Across Ryan’s 8 years at EAB, he has served as a Strategic Leader to Presidents & Chancellors, Provosts, Vice Presidents of Advancement, and other senior leaders in higher education.

Ryan lives in Austin, TX and enjoys climbing, hiking, and spending time near the water with friends and family.

Area of Expertise
K-12 Education

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Leveraging Analytics to Help Build Future-Ready Programs for Small Colleges and Universities

If you build it, they will come was the academic program planning approach in the early 2000s that many small colleges and universities are still leveraging today. A future of fewer students and fewer resources calls for greater prioritization, including prioritizing your academic program portfolio.