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Tony Donatelli

Tony Donatelli

Senior Director, Research Growth Strategy

Tony Donatelli is senior researcher at EAB with 15+ years of experience creating products, services, and decision support tools for senior leaders across industries. He comes to EAB with deep expertise in research, product development, sales, and talent management. At EAB, Tony leads a team of product developers focused on the four-year, North American market.

During his time at EAB he has led the development of EAB’s Institutional Strategy Index for DEIJ and has managed the build and launch of new tools and services to support institutional sustainability, faculty engagement, and student success.

Before coming to EAB, Tony spent 8 years at Corporate Executive Board and Gartner with a focus on developing tools to improve organizational effectiveness and launching new businesses. He moved to the higher education industry in 2018, spending 2 years at the Graduate Management Admissions Council developing cognitive and non-cognitive assessments for graduate management admissions leaders.

Tony attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill receiving a BA in communication and minor in art history and has earned certificates in business analytics and differentiated strategy.

Areas of Expertise
Strategy, Finance and Operations
Admissions, Growth Strategy, Talent Management, Diversity and Inclusion, Hiring and Recruiting, Human Resources, Business Intelligence