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Wenie Lado

Wenie Lado

Associate Director, Enrollment Success, College Greenlight

Wenie Lado is an Associate Director of Enrollment Success with EAB’s College Greenlight team within the Enrollment division. In this role, she strategizes with enrollment leaders on their diversity recruitment goals with an emphasis on mutually beneficial community-based organization (CBO) engagement. She leads team trainings, provides expert advice, and facilitates new partnership opportunities for colleges and universities that are committed to increasing college access and success.

Prior to joining EAB, Wenie worked in admissions at two liberal arts colleges. At St. Olaf College, she led the team’s multicultural recruitment initiatives—including fly-in programs for first-generation and lower-income students and informal CBO partnerships. While at Carleton, she directed pre-college and prospective student opportunities for underserved student groups.

Outside of work, Wenie enjoys singing with the VocalEssence choir and playing with her new puppy, Lady Penelope.

Areas of Expertise
Strategy, Marketing and Enrollment
Underrepresented Students, Enrollment Strategy, Admissions, Diversity and Inclusion, First Generation Students, Student Activism