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Wesley Pendarvis

Managing Director, Data and Analytics

Wesley Pendarvis oversees Partner Services for EAB’s Education Data Hub. As a Senior Director of Partner Success, Wesley is responsible for ensuring our partners find success with EDH, and ultimately achieve their goals in terms of implementing and integrating data within EDH, and providing normalized data back to the campus community. He has been with EAB since 2009, working in different terrains, including IT, Procurement, Finance, and most recently has overseen the growth of our 2 year Student Success terrain to over 100 partner institutions.

Education has always been a part of Wesley’s background. While growing up, he watched his father retire from the Navy to go serve a public K-12 school system and help more students graduate from High School. His mother also went back to college as an adult learner and graduated with a BFA in Dance Education at the age of 54. Having seen the impacts Higher Education can have at all ages in life, he has found a passion in enabling schools to make data-driven decisions, ensuring success at our partner institutions.

Area of Expertise
Data, Analytics, and IT
Student Success, University Systems and Governance, Vendor Relations and Management

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Building a Reporting Ecosystem with Edify

It seems like everyone and every organization nowadays wants more and more data. "How many freshmen are enrolled today?", "What is the breakdown of four-year degree completion by Pell eligibility?", and the list goes on. Completing reporting requirements and requests can be time consuming and resource intensive. Often, Institutional Research or Effectiveness Teams are tasked with the daunting tasks, amidst their other responsibilities.

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