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EAB Launches All-in-One Website for Students’ College Search gives high school students free and easy access to all the resources they need to explore colleges, majors, scholarships, and more

September 20, 2023

Washington, DC (September 20) – Education company EAB today announced the launch of Appily, a website that helps high school students explore and evaluate their college options—and get offers of admission—in one place. Appily combines EAB’s suite of student services into a one-stop destination where visitors can discover colleges, take virtual tours, find scholarships, explore majors, and match with schools.

“Appily represents a major milestone in EAB’s commitment to improving access to higher education by making it simpler for students to find, explore, and engage with the right institutions for them,” said EAB President of Marketing and Enrollment Solutions, Chris Marett. “Appily gives students, especially those who do not have a strong network of college-going friends and family, the help they need to sort through all of the colleges and scholarships that might benefit them.”

Key features of Appily include the following:

  • Search for Colleges: Students can search more than 4,000 college profiles to find ones that fit their criteria, making the search process more efficient and personalized.
  • Save with Scholarships: Appily includes a database of nearly 250,000 scholarships representing almost $50 million in total value that students can search to identify financial aid opportunities that align with their qualifications and aspirations.
  • Experience Virtual Tours: Students can take virtual tours of hundreds of campuses, getting a detailed, immersive experience from the comfort of their homes.
  • Match with Colleges: Students can connect with colleges and universities that match their interests and preferences and receive proactive offers of admission and financial aid from those institutions, all without having to complete a traditional college application.

“Appily combines complementary features from EAB’s acquisitions of Cappex, YouVisit, and Concourse to create the best place on the Internet for students to plan, decide, and apply to college with confidence,” Marett added.

The Appily site is free for students. For more information on Appily and its features, please visit

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